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Person Segmentation

Figment’s virtual background SDK is based on our own proprietary person segmentation model. Thanks to our Computer Vision expertise we are able to offer cutting edge segmentation technology for high quality virtual backgrounds and background blur. Our quantized models are highly performant and optimized for Web and Native Apps. Furthermore, we train our models on highly diverse and comprehensive datasets in order to guarantee masking accuracy.

Figment’s person segmentation technology focuses on 3 areas:

1. Masking accuracy & stability
2. High Frames Per Second (FPS)
3. Low CPU load

Each area will continue to improve over time as we continuously iterate on and improve our technology. 

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Augmented Reality

Figment Augmented Reality SDK identifies hundreds of facial landmark data points in order to apply 3D filters accurately to or around the face and head. Augmented reality is a great way to liven up video in both professional and social contexts. 

Figment’s augmented reality technology focuses on 3 areas:

1. 3D object placement accuracy & stability
2. Low CPU load
3. Photorealistic and high definition renderings

Our team of 3D artists is capable of generating custom high quality 3D filters that are optimized for a Web environment.

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Curious about our roadmap? Let’s chat! We have a great team of researchers and developers working on new SDKs to improve video communication. Let us know what your pains are so we can add the solutions to our roadmap. 

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