AI tools for video communication

Lightweight microservices that power-up video communication experiences.

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Virtual Backgrounds 2.0

It’s never been easier to add virtual backgrounds and background blur to your App. Stay competitive without spending a fortune and leave the heavy lifting to us.

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AR filters

Easily offer more engaging and immersive communication experiences with the power of 3D filters. Encourage active participation in both professional and social contexts and fight video call fatigue.

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R&D Labs

Our team of AI, ML and Computer Vision Engineers are actively developing new SDKs that will improve video communication experiences. You can expect new tools for greater interactivity, productivity, improved video quality and immersive experiences. 

Our Offering

Figment develops, maintains and upgrades the deep-tech so you don’t have to. We make it easy for you to stay technologically competitive without having to divert focus or resources from your core offering.


Fast, accurate masking and low CPU load

Perpetual upgrades

Technology that will continue to improve over time

Flexible contracts

Easy to start and easy to end. No long term contracts

Easy Integration

Get up and running with minimal overhead


Does Figment work with WebRTC?

Absolutely - WebRTC is our bread and butter.

What video APIs do you support?

Figment is compatible with APIs such as Twilio, Vonage, Agora, and any other API that’s based on the WebRTC protocol. 

What browsers does Figment support?

Figment works with Chrome, Safari, Brave, Edge and Firefox.

What is the impact on CPU load?

CPU load ranges from 10-30% depending on how Figment is configured. You can take a look at our benchmarks, here

Does Figment run server-side or client-side?

Figment runs client-side. None of your videos pass through our servers. 

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